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AACC International Approved Methods -AACC Method 58-17.01. Preparation of Methyl Esters of Long-Chain Fatty Acids

AACC International Approved Methods

Special Properties of Fats, Oils, and Shortenings

AACCI Method 58-17.01
Preparation of Methyl Esters of Long-Chain Fatty Acids


This method provides means for preparing methyl esters of long-chain fatty acids for further analysis by methods such as gas-liquid chromatography (Method 58-18.01). It is applicable to common fats, oils, and fatty acids. See Note 1. Unsaponifiables are not removed and, if present in large amounts, may interfere with subsequent analyses. Procedure results in partial or complete destruction of epoxy, hydroperoxy, cyclopropenyl, cyclopropyl, and possibly hydroxyl groups, and is not suitable for preparation of methyl esters of fatty acids containing these groups. This method is equivalent to Official Methods Ce 1-62 and Ce 2-66 of the American Oil Chemists' Society (AOCS).