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AACC International Approved Methods -AACC Method 56-30.01. Water Hydration Capacity of Protein Materials

AACC International Approved Methods

Physicochemical Tests

AACCI Method 56-30.01
Water Hydration Capacity of Protein Materials


Water hydration capacity (water absorption, water uptake, or water holding or binding) is determined as the maximum amount of water that 1 g of material will imbibe and retain under low-speed centrifugation. Since only enough water is added to saturate the sample and not to cause a liquid phase, measurement is not affected by solubility of the material. It thus differs from Method 56-20.01, which uses excess water. This method applies to protein flours, concentrates, and isolates of vegetable or animal origin that consist of native, modified, or denatured protein. It also applies to other materials, such as pregelantinized starch products, in which water uptake is an important characteristic.