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AACC International Approved Methods - AACC Method 42-70.01. Smut -- Microscopic Method

AACC International Approved Methods


AACCI Method 42-70.01
Smut -- Microscopic Method


The Official U. S. Standards for Grain define light smutty wheat or rye as grain that has an unmistakable odor of smut, or that contains smut balls, portions of smut balls, or spores of smut in excess of a quantity equal to 5 smut balls, but not in excess of a quantity equal to 30 smut balls of average size, in 250 g of wheat or rye. In smutty wheat or rye, however, the corresponding quantity of smut is in excess of 30 smut balls.

When balls are unbroken, application of the above rule is not difficult. However, when balls become broken and spores are spread all over the kernels, this method will determine the equivalent of smut balls present in 250 g. One average size smut ball weighs 0.01 g and contains, on average, 3,750,000 spores.