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AACC International Approved Methods - AACC Method 10-80.01. Flour Quality in a Pancake-Making Method

AACC International Approved Methods

Baking Quality

AACCI Method 10-80.01
Flour Quality in a Pancake-Making Method


This method measures the performance characteristics of flours in pancake batters and pancakes. It is intended to evaluate the quality of the flour and its general ability to perform in batter-based product applications. The pancake formula used is simplified to eliminate many common “biological” ingredients, such as soy flour, buttermilk, nonfat dry milk, and egg, to reduce the variability regularly found in those ingredients. Increasing the proportion of flour in the batter emphasizes flour quality and aids in determining the suitability of the flour in a pancake, cake, or other batter-based application. The pancake method offers benefits over layer cake methods in that it does not constrain flow and is unaffected by altitude.