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AACC International Approved Methods - AACC Method 10-53.01. Baking Quality of Cookie Flour—Macro Wire-Cut Formulation

AACC International Approved Methods

Baking Quality

AACCI Method 10-53.01
Baking Quality of Cookie Flour—Macro Wire-Cut Formulation


To evaluate soft wheat flour cookie baking quality to produce wire-cut formulation cookies. In North America, "cookie" is a product similar to what is internationally known as "biscuit." Cookie quality is determined (in eight cookies) by width (W) and thickness (T). The formulation uses 225 g of flour, with a mixing bowl and paddle and a fixed amount of water added to dough. Ingredients are the same as those used in commercial wire-cut cookie formulations and are critical to the success of method. This method predicts the quality of soft wheat flours for production of contemporary wire-cut formulation cookies, such as chocolate-chip based cookie. High quality of cookie flour is usually associated with larger diameter, lower thickness, and more tender wire-cut formulation cookies. The hardness of wire-cut cookies produces relative textures that rank the above flour types, treatments, or ingredients in an order more like that of commercial products than do the harder sugar-snap cookies produced by Methods 10-50.05 and 10-52.01. The method is also useful to evaluate other flour types, various flour treatments, and other factors, such as ingredients, that affect cookie geometry.