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AACC Approved Methods of Analysis, 11th Edition - AACC Method 10-18.01. Measurement of Crumb Structure of Baked Products by C-Cell

AACC Approved Methods of Analysis, 11th Edition

Baking Quality

AACC Method 10-18.01
Measurement of Crumb Structure of Baked Products by C-Cell


Crumb structure characteristics of bread and other baked products are traditionally measured subjectively. In this method the C-Cell imaging system uses image analysis software to measure crumb structure characteristics of baked products such as breads, buns, cakes, and pastries, with or without inclusions like fruits or seeds. The C-Cell is available in monochrome and color models. The monochrome system takes a side-lit image in 256 grayscale and applies software algorithms to determine the internal crumb structure parameters. The color system takes two color images (one side lit and one top lit). The side-lit color image is converted to 256 grayscale, and crumb structure parameters are determined using the same software algorithms used in the monochrome system. The top-lit image is used to determine color attributes of the slice. In addition to the visual information provided by the processed images, 48 values relating to color, dimension, brightness, shape, and cell properties (size, elongation, and orientation) are generated. Users select the parameters (typically five to eight) that are most applicable to the baked product being evaluated and the type of information desired.