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CODEX ALIMENTARIUS AACC Intl technical committee representatives are participating in Codex Alimentarius on a number of commodity committees, the dietary fibre and the committee for sampling and methods of analysis (CCMAS). AACC has a history of active participation through the Codex Committee on Cereals, Pulses and Legumes which was retired in 1995 and we are working at re-establishing our Codex Alimentarius “Observer Status.” This will enable AACC Intl. to present AACC Intl member positions directly to the international Codex Alimentatius discussions. In the meantime we continue to participate through the international Codex contact points.

INTER-AGENCY MEETING (IAM) has accepted and approved the request from AACC Intl as a member of the Interagency Approved Meeting to advise on methods of analysis and sampling at CCMAS.

AOAC INTERNATIONAL Many methods are consistent with the AOAC Intl methods, the method validation collaborative trials follow the same guidelines and performance criteria.

AOCS FDA BAM We continue to work to co-recognize AOCS and FDA BAM methods when appropriate.

ISO AACC Intl technical methods committees participate in the activities of ISO, in TC 34, and in particular SC 4 and SC 16. ISO works through ANSI and other standards organisations around the world. AACC Intl members can work with the technical methods committees through the USA based Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) or join their local TAG for specific matrices and applications.

ICC AACC International and the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology (ICC) have developed a sub-set of harmonized methods that are acceptable by any cereals laboratory worldwide for the analysis of key constituents and parameters that are frequently tested on an international basis.